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Getting Started

Unbox your Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener and Magnet Knife Holder. You'll find that the Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener has a Diamond Disc (Top) and Stainless Steel Honing Disc (bottom) as well that both sides of the Knife Holder are equipped with powerful magnets.

The Tumbler Magnetic Knife Holder is the key to your sharp knife: Each side has two integrated powerful magnets which hold your knife in the exact sharpening angle of 15° or 20°. This way your blade is sharpened efficiently and evenly only over the full cutting edge.

15° sharpening angle

You can use the 15 degree angle for harder blades, for example Damascus knives or blades with a core steel that has a higher hardness degree. These knife edges can be ground to a very fine finish while retaining their stability.

20° sharpening angle

Almost all kitchen knives can be sharpened with the 20 degree angle, as it is a common angle in the kitchen knife industry. You won't go wrong with this one. The knife retains its sharpness for a long time due to the stable cutting edge. The 20° is also suitable for many pocket knives that find their daily use outdoors.

Keep in mind

A 20-degree angle is a more robust angle than the steep 15-degree cutting angle which might offer more precision. Western knives are generally made with a softer variety of steel that is more forgiving to the high-impact style of cutting we do in the West, rendering them too soft to hold a narrower 15-degree angle for very long. Thus, if you change their angle from 20 degrees to 15, they will require more frequent sharpening. Japanese knives usually are made from a harder, more brittle steel that holds a narrower edge for longer and thus can support a 15 degree angle.

Sharpening Process

Tumbler Sharpening Process Step 1

1. Place the Tumbler Magnetic Knife Holder on a stable surface. Ideally on a cutting board or kitchen counter. Attach your knife to the preferred sharpening angle via the integrated magnets.

Tumbler Knife Sharpening Process Step 2

2. Now the grinding process can begin. Start with the diamond disk. Hold the magnetic holder with one hand and grab the Tumbler Rolling Sharpener on the wooden cylinder with the other hand. Move it back and forth with the diamond disk along the entire cutting edge. Do the movements with little pressure. It should feel effortless. The diamond is extremely effective and will grind enough material from the edge even if you don't press hard.


Note: Do NOT place on cutting edge! Ensure you keep your hand and fingers away from the knife's edge and placed securely on the Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener, Magnetic Handle or knife handle.

Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpening Honing Process

3. Sharpening the blade on one side may result in a minimal burr at the tip of the cutting edge. To smooth this out, turn the Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener and start the same movement process with the Helix stainless steel disc. Here you need a maximum of 6 repetitions. This is sufficient to remove the burr.


Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener Repeat4. The first side of your blade is now sharpened. Rotate the knife by 180 degrees and mount it with the other side of the blade on the magnetic holder. Start the grinding process so that both sides are sharpened at the same angle.

Tumbler Rolling Knife Sharpener Cleaning Blade

5. After sharpening your knife with Tumbler, clean it with a dry towel. You will notice the dark abrasive dust that the diamond wheel created when removing the material from the edge. This is a sign that you have achieved an effective result with the Tumbler.


The first grinding with the Tumbler may take 5-8 minutes, depending on the condition of the blade and its hardness. Your knife will probably not have an exact an accurate grinding angle of 15° or 20° from the factory. The edge of your knife must first learn the new and constant sharpening angle. After you have reached this stage and your knife has the exact angle through the Tumbler sharpener, each further resharpening takes only 1-2 minutes.

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